Apple Valley Softball Association

Jack & Jill League

Please remember that if you need to pick up players, you can ONLY pick up a player from ONE division higher, the same division or a lower division.

2016 Registration Information

Must be 18 to play!
No exceptions! Teams will be suspended for the season if found to be in violation of this rule.

Informational Meeting
May 18, 5:30pm, Abby's in Wenatchee
If you are interested in having a team or getting on a roster, please attend this meeting.
We will be going over future meeting dates, sponsor fees and player fees.

Sponsor Fees Due
June 8, 5:30pm, Abby's in Wenatchee
$275 per team, $25 late fee after June 10
Payable, in one check, to AVSA. No Cash!
No refunds after June 15.
*You can request a division, but there is no guarantee.
The final division determination will happen once your rosters are turned in.
10 team maximum, per division.

Players Fees, Roster & Code of Conduct Due
July 6, 5:30pm, Hydro Park, in front of Field #2

$20 per rostered player
Payable, in one check, to AVSA. No Cash!
We will only accept checks that match the number of players on your roster.
Balls will be handed out at this meeting and the game schedule will be posted a couple days later.
The Jack & Jill Board will be going over the rosters and placing teams into the correct divisions,
based on the rosters. We do take into account the division that you requested, but
you could move up or down depending on who is listed on your roster and the spaces available in each division.

 Both forms MUST be turned in to get your game balls.


All coaches are responsible for the following documents:
    AVSA League Rules
    Code of Conduct
    USSSA Roster

Scores, questions and concerns can be sent to

League Divisions & Game Days:
Division 1 - Tuesday's & Thursday's*
Division 2 - Monday's & Wednesday's*
Division 3 - Tuesday's & Thursday's*
Division 4 - Monday's & Wednesday's*
*Game days may vary, due to field availability.

12 team maximum, per division
Team placement is based on your requested division and the players listed on your roster.
There is no guarantee what division you are in, until the schedule has been posted online.

The season will start July 18 and end by August 26.

  • Each team plays 18 games.

Free Agent List

  • If you are looking for a team, please email and provide your name and contact information. 
  • When you have been picked up on a team, please send us an email letting us know to take your name off of the free agent list.


              Paul Laak:  (509) 387-9825
                Aaron Pennycooke: (509) 881-8585
                Matt Remien: (425) 359-8437
                PJ Slagle: (509) 670-0214
                Mike Yale (509) 860-5209
                David Evans (509) 429-0591
                Zacary Heinig (509) 322-2474
                Scott Kopick (509) 264-8646
                Davis Holcomb (509) 415-9598
                Luis Cortes (509) 759-9604
                Jerry Garcia (509) 679-8691

Kylie Durham (208) 705-2338

              Josie Gebhardt (509) 670-4345 & Zach Taylor (360) 551-8923
                Alyssa Mena & Matt Jackson: (509) 881-7964
                Mandi & Kai Carter: (208) 521-7939
                Beth Mulanax & Adam Gordon (509) 387-9690
                Amber Altizer & Husband (360) 826-2671


Jack & Jill Board Members
President - Trina Elmes
Vice President - Kathy Blanchat
Secretary - Brooke Branstetter
Treasurer - Kristy Visser
Scheduler - Trina Elmes