City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation Dept.
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  Basketball Rules 23 KB10/6/2014
  Basketball Team Registration Form 100 KB7/28/2014
  Afterschool Blacktop Basketball Rules 2013-14 (youth) 37 KB1/14/2014


  East Beach Volleyball Court Map 76 KB1/16/2013
  Indoor Volleyball TEAM SIGN UP FORM 100 KB7/28/2014
  Beach Volleyball Team Registration Form 100 KB5/28/2014
  Volleyball Rules - indoor 35 KB10/6/2014
  Beach Volleyball Rules 58 KB9/12/2013


  Soccer Rulebook (6v6) 46 KB6/17/2013
  Soccer Team Registration Form 100 KB4/23/2014
  Afterschool Soccer League Rules 2014 33 KB3/27/2014

Parks & Rec Individual Registration Form

  Activity Reg Form Spanish 2013 107 KB2/13/2013
  Activity Registration Form 45 KB2/26/2014

Flag Football

  Adult Flag Football 100 KB7/28/2014
  Flag Football Rules Adult League 49 KB10/6/2014
  Permission to pick up child 2013 160 KB9/27/2013
  Afterschool Flag Football 2014 (youth) 96 KB9/4/2014
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