American River Youth Soccer League
US Youth Soccer & USSF Mandates

New for the 2016-17 Season

Team creation will be based on Calendar year, January 1st - Dec 31st.

- Talk to your Club about Play up eligibility & play ups will be approved on a case by case basis only.

Team play changes for all U6 - U12 teams.

U6 & U8 will play micro-soccer, 4 v 4, with no goal keepers

U10 will play 7 v 7  & U12 will play 9 v 9, (field and goal sizes will adjust too)




Parents!!  Click  HERE for the coach of the year application.  Pass them out to your team and send them in!

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League Bye Day (Bye divisions may play)
Date: Saturday, October 8, 2016 All Day
Location: TBD

This weekend is set aside so that all team stats between U10 and U14 teams can be reviewed and teams reseeded.  The exception is teams in a bye division.  

Bye Division Information Only:  Those are teams in a division that has an odd number of teams.  Those teams would already be scheduled to play this weekend.  If you're not scheduled, you're not playing.  Other teams will have a bye weekend somewhere between game start weekend of 8/27 and game end weekend of 11/12.  There is a possibility of a double header weekend to get the 10th game in for bye divisions.   

Game Day (Halloween event)
Date: Saturday, October 29, 2016 All Day
Location: TBD

Soccer Halloween Event:

All teams U6-U19 Recreational Teams are invited to participate in ARYSL's annual Halloween "contest"!  This is not mandatory at all, but if your team wants to have some extra, extra excitement, join in on the fun!

Fun rules:  Teams choose a theme!  Dress up a customized t-shirt, use makeup to scare your opponents!  Go all out!  Take a team picture and post it on ARYSL website at:  American River Youth Soccer League-ARYSL.  Get all of your fans and family to LIKE your picture!  The team with the most LIKES wins!!  Get the photos posted by October 31!  We will take a count at 10:00 p.m. on 10/31.  "Prizewinners" will get their team pics posted and lots of bragging rights!

Safety Rules:  Please go all out for the team photo, but on the field, each player must have a number located on them somewhere!  Player numbers are important for the referee to keep track.  All angel wings, capes, hats, devil horns, swords, shields, hanging, dangling items, etc., must be removed for game time!

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