Mobile Features

Attention Android and iPhone Users

We are working towards bringing key functions of TeamSideline to smart phones. The uses would include administrative functions for Administrators of organization sites plus any users of Team Sites. In addition, the TeamSideline Tournament Module plan will include functions for Tournament participants, players and managers.

Public User App

When Public Users download this app, they will be able to get automatic notifications when schedules change. For Leagues such as Tournaments, they will be able to receive automatic updates as final scores of games are posted.

Team Site App

Imagine everyone on your Team being able to easily access locations and times of practices and games – and clicking on a map icon to dynamically bring up a map to the game. With automatic reminders about all events made by Coaches and Team Parents, this app will be an easy way for sports teams of all types to bring communications to the next level.

Site Admin App

If you need to make a quick update of your home page banner or scores from the field, this will be the app for you. Communications will be the other key piece of this app so stay tuned.

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