Apex Park and Recreation District offers indoor and outdoor adult soccer leagues. We also offer a Women's Soccer Tournament in June each year.


2018 Indoor Adult Soccer Leagues

Apex Field House  5724 Oak Street, Arvada, CO.

  Office: 303-431-9600.      After 5 pm: 303-467-7131

 Prices: Men's and Coed: $575       Women's: $560


Leagues & Divisions:  **New Teams to Apex must call 303-431-9600 to register, do not register online!

Monday: Men's,  Women's 30+, Coed Open

Tuesday: Coed A, B, C, D

Wednesday: Coed A, B, C, D

Thursday: Women's B, C, D

Friday: Men's and Coed

Sunday: Coed B, C, D

Call 303-431-9600 to register a team



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