Winter Break Box Lacrosse Camp

What are you suppose to do after Christmas when you just got your new lacrosse stick... how about come and join our Winter Lacrosse Camp.  This camp is for lacrosse players between 3rd-8th grade, boys and girls, and abilities from beginner to advanced.  This is a three day all day camp.  It will be Wednesday, Dec 27, through Friday, Dec 29, from 9am -3pm.  The cost is $120 for residents and $130 for non-residents. 

Coaches will teach the players how to catch, throw, scoop, cradle, and shoot.  They will do drills and advance to small sided games, to a scrimmage.

Registration is currently open at or call 303.431.9600

If you would like more information please call Roxie Augustine at 303.467.7135 or email


Spring Youth Indoor Box Lacrosse Clinic

Fun filled indoor lacrosse programming with 1 practice a week and ends with a Super Saturday Scrimmage April 28th.  The clinic will begin the week of Mar 12th.  The cost is $120 for residents and $130 for non-residents. This clinic will build off the basic skills of catching, throwing, cradling, scooping and shooting.  It will also teach the basic rules of lacrosse, face-offs, defensive strategies and so much more.  Great for beginners and intermediate players.

All Girls will start Monday Mar. 12, and practice from 4-5:55pm.

Ages 7-10 Boys will start Mar. 13, and practice from 4-5:55pm.

Ages 11-14 Boys will start Mar. 15, and practice from 4-5:55pm.

We do have rental equipment for $20, but it is limited and on a first come first serve basis.  When you rent the equipment boys will receive a stick, helmet, and gloves.  The girls will receive goggle and stick. The players are allowed to take this equipment home with them for the 7 weeks, on the Super Saturday Scrimmage April 28, all equipment must be returned and checked back in.

If you would like more information please call Roxie Augustine 303.467.7135 or email

Registration will open January 15, 2018.





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