Adult Tournament Player Policy

2018 USA Softball Non-Approved Bat List


USA Softball (formerly known as ASA) slow pitch rules will govern play along with the following list of Collegedale Recreation Association home/local rules:


*rules written in BOLD indicate new changes for 2016*


- team managers will now supply their own "game balls" for each of their games during the regular season (league provides "game balls" during postseason tournament)  All balls MUST be ASA certified!!  required ball specifications are: 12" .52COR/300lbs for all men's divisions, and 11" .52COR/300lbs for all women's divisions

- 60 minute game clock  (70 minutes for postseason tournament  EXCEPTION: no clock on championship games)

- tied games will be fully played out until there is a winner (applies to regular season AND postseason tournament)

- both teams will line up for pre-game prayer and post-game handshakes

- minimum number of players required is 7 (including for the 6:30 game!)

- there is a 10-minute grace period for the 6:30 game only! game clock will still start at 6:30! this 10-minute grace period only exists to allow a team to reach its minimum requirement of 7 players! teams will lose game via forfeit if they do not have their 7 players at the conclusion of the 10-minute grace period!  game will end in a "double forfeit" if neither team has their 7 players at the conclusion of the 10-minute grace period! (Reminder: this applies to the 6:30 game only!! no grace period on the 7:30 and 8:30 games) 

- players are not allowed to play for multiple teams!

- maximum number of players on team's official roster is 20

- teams may bat up to 14  (meaning 14 is the maximum number of players allowed to be listed on a team's official batting line-up)

- a team's batting line-up is considered official at the time of pre-game prayer. no changes can be made after this point! (i.e. moving players to different spots in the order; subtracting players who are not present)  EXCEPTION #1: players who arrive late can be added to a team's batting line-up at any point during game but must always be added to the bottom of their line-up! (as long as it does not cause their team to exceed 14 players on its batting line-up!)  EXCEPTION #2: players may still exit game without penalty due to health and/or employment!

- mercy rule is now:  20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings

- batters will now start with the official USA Softball slow pitch count of 1-1 (1 ball, 1 strike)

- batters are now allowed 1 "extra foul" once they have 2 "strikes" against them (ball is "live" on ALL fouls if caught in the air while in foul territory)

- 1 home run limit plus "1 up" for ALL men's divisions  (no limit for women)

- players are asked to "hit & sit" on all over-the-fence home runs  (not required to touch next base and/or run the bases)

- teams are now allowed to use a "courtesy runner" once per inning  (per the 2016 rule change for USA Softball adult slow pitch)

- the "courtesy runner" is whichever player was the last "put out"

- for safety reasons, there is a "no crash rule" in effect for all base runners

- for safety reasons, an automatic "dead ball out" will be called on a batter for slinging their bat during their swing

- for safety reasons, a batter-runner who carries their bat with them and reaches or touches first base while still having their bat in their possession will now be called "out" (this "out" can occur on a live play or on any scenario where the batter is awarded first base)

- for safety reasons, no child under the age of 16 is allowed to be used as a base coach, PERIOD!  in addition, minors who are ages 16-17 MUST wear a batting helmet if being used as a base coach!!

- for safety reasons, metal/steel cleats are not allowed!

- for safety reasons, the following types of jewelry are not allowed: all watches, all bracelets, all necklaces/chains, all dangling piercings (players who refuse to remove said items will not be allowed to play in game!  EXCEPTION: medical ID's may remain but must be taped and/or appropriately secured to player's body)

- ASA and NSA bats are allowed

- a team will lose their current game via forfeit if they are forced to finish the game with less than 7 players, regardless if they currently have more runs than their opponent or are currently tied with their opponent  (game will end in a "double forfeit" if both teams encounter this scenario simultaneously)  ONLY EXCEPTION: players may still exit game without penalty due to health and/or employment!

- managers who wish to issue a protest during game MUST inform the umpire(s), prior to next pitch, of their decision to protest (i.e. to continue playing current game "under protest" if done during regular season) and MUST provide a $20 fee which will be returned back to them if final ruling goes in their favor.  the requirement of this $20 fee applies to regular season and postseason tournament.  Reminder: ruling on a protest will be made on the spot during postseason tournament, but not during regular season!

- There shall be no agreement between managers of teams in conflict with any article in these rules. Managers will be expected to enforce all rules. When managers make an agreement to disregard or disallow a rule or disallow a rule or policy, the infraction can be protested by teams other than those playing in the actual contest, a penalty will be a double forfeit with both teams given a loss in the standings. There is no statute of limitation on filing the protest; the matter need only be brought to the attention of league officials (the league officials may request a written protest based on the circumstances)


*rules written in BOLD indicate new changes for 2016*

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