Recreational Kayaking
(15 and up)


Instruction is offered at APCC once a month, to cover equipment, paddle techniques, and safety. On the water, we’ll develop boat control and practice various techniques. During instruction, we will work on refining your techniques and long term skills development plans. Optionally, we will practice kayak rescues which will require participants to get in the water. Instruction is not mandatory, but is a great skill to learn.  Activity will be cancelled if weather or other factors deem area unsafe. Space is limited! 


(We will provide life jackets if you don’t own one)


Instruction Dates: May 5, June 16, July 21, August 11 and September 1
Kayak Dates: May 6, June 17, July 1 and 22, August 12 and September 2
Where: Instruction will take place at APCC and kayaking will take place at Big Hill Lake, Equestrian Trailhead
Instruction Fee: $15
Recreation Kayak Fee: $20
Minimum: 3 participants
Maximum: 6 kayaks
Instructor: John Ellis
Weight Limit: 275 lbs


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