16th Annual Company Olympics 

(16 and up)


“Quest to be the Best!”


Through this annual event, we hope to generate a competitive spirit among the businesses through a variety of contests plus provide fun and entertainment for everyone! Participating in the Olympics will give employees and management a sense of representation, boost worker morale and promote teamwork. 


Two divisions will be offered:

Division I–companies with 100+ employees

Division II– companies with less than 

100 employees. (Division II companies may combine with up to 2 other D-II companies. Division I companies may NOT combine with other companies) 


Events are TBA and weather permitting.  Register your team NOW! 


When: July 30-August 3

Fee: $200

Early Deadline: July 3

Deadline: July 17


Mandatory Manager’s Meeting: July 18, 6 pm @ PRC



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