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Activity Guide

  Summer Activity Guide 3 MB4/20/2017
  Class Registration Form 50 KB2/12/2015

Adult Softball

  2017 Fall Softball Registration 181 KB7/10/2017
  League Entry Request Form 22 KB2/7/2017
  Player Code of Conduct 103 KB2/7/2017
  Softball Roster 92 KB2/5/2013
  Softball Add/Drop Roster 84 KB2/5/2013
  Lions Park Sponsor Banner Policy & Application 189 KB2/21/2013
  Softball Tournament Application 300 KB1/9/2017
  2017 Adult Softball Rules 307 KB6/21/2017

Adult Basketball

  3x3 Rules & Code of Conduct 103 KB10/20/2011
  3x3 League Entry Request Form 133 KB2/7/2013
  3x3 Basketball Roster 118 KB2/7/2013
  3x3 Basketball Add/Drop Roster 83 KB2/7/2013
  5x5 Rules and Code of Conduct 133 KB8/11/2010
  5x5 League Entry Request Form 1 MB2/7/2013
  5x5 Basketball Roster 122 KB2/7/2013
  5x5 Basketball Add/Drop Roster 88 KB2/7/2013

Adult Volleyball

  Volleyball Rules 113 KB2/12/2013
  Volleyball Roster 122 KB2/7/2013
  Volleyball Add/Drop Roster 84 KB2/7/2013
  Volleyball Entry Request Form 133 KB2/21/2013

Employment Opportunities

  City Employment Application 133 KB1/27/2017


  City Employment Application 116 KB11/22/2016
  Aquatics Supplemental Application 368 KB11/22/2016
  Job Description, Aquatics Coordinator 79 KB11/22/2016
  Job Description, Assistant Pool Manager 80 KB11/22/2016
  Job Description, Pool Manager 79 KB11/22/2016
  Job Description, Swim Instructor 289 KB11/22/2016
  Job Description--Lifeguard 447 KB1/9/2017
  Water Exercise Supplemental Application 464 KB1/26/2017
  Facility Rental Application and Guidelines 447 KB4/20/2017
  Pool Party Reservation Form and Guidelines 740 KB4/20/2017
  Swim Lesson Activity Guide 1 MB4/20/2017

Special Interest Classes

  Class Proposal Form 71 KB2/21/2013

CSD Forms and Applications

  Banner Over Main Application 113 KB1/9/2017
  Special Event - Parade Application 220 KB1/9/2017
  Town Hall-Scout Hall Application 211 KB2/11/2015
  Pavilion, Gazebo, And Field Rental Application 199 KB2/11/2015
  Hwy 50 Event Promotion Application 95 KB1/9/2017
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