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Referees are critical to having safe, fun and successful soccer matches.  Referees are expected to be knowledgeable on the laws of the game, act professionally, be physically fit, and reliable.  RCYSL values its referees, and in our program, not not only will you be paid, you will receive training, guidance and support.  Please see the RCYSL Referee Calendar for a listing of the referee-related events.
New Higher Referee Fees 
RCYSL has raised the referee fees at every level for 2016.  Here is the new fee schedule:

Division                          Center Referee             Assistant Referee

Under 19                       $ 45.00                         $ 40.00

Under 16                       $ 40.00                         $ 35.00

Under 14                       $ 35.00                         $ 30.00

Under 12                       $ 30.00                         $ 25.00

Under 10                       $ 25.00                         $ 20.00

Under 8                          $ 20.00                         $ 15.00

Under 6                         $ 20.00                        Volunteer


Annual All Referee Meeting & In-Service Clinic

The 2016 annual mandatory referee meeting and in-service clinic will be held on Friday, September 9, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Arden Dimick Library.  Referees must attend to complete their USSF  requirement.  If you cannot attend, you must submit evidence that you completed your required in-service requirement elsewhere.

New Referee Clinic 
If you are not currently licensed but would like to become a referee - RCYSL needs referees - please sign-up and attend the 2015 RCYSL New Referee Clinic (Grade "8") August 19, 30, 31, and September 1, 2016.  The class locations include Ashton Park, Union FC, and Arden Dimick Library.  Sign ups  here
The Grade "8" referee course has been revised to include online modules reducing the classroom sessions to only two evenings.  For more information contact RCYSL Referee Coordinator - Geoff Margolis.

RCYSL All-Internet Referee Administration
Beginning with the 2012 Season, all aspects of the RCYSL Referee Program have become internet based.  All game assignments, communications and payment tracking are done through the RCYSL TeamSideline website.  The following videos will help you maneuver though this exciting new medium.

Officials Module Step 1
Officials Module Step 2
Officials Module Step 3
Officials Module Step 4
Officials Module Step 5
Officials Module Step 6

Referee Coordinator Contact Information
River City Youth Soccer League (RCYSL) - Geoff Margolis
River City United (RCU) - Mark Bailey & Chris Elliott
Arden Park (AP) - John Ebersberger
British American (BAC) - Danny Winslow
Del Dayo (DD) - Chris Knepshield 
Fulton-El Camino (FEC) - Mark Carlson
Rosemont (RSC) - Praneel Singh
Sierra Oaks (SO) - Geoff Margolis
St. Ignatius (SI) - Christian Okoye

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Education & Clinics 
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District 6 Referee Clinics

Referee Academy
Cal North Referee Association has established a new Referee Academy for all referees in Northern California.  Each district will be setting up preliminary district level meetings beginning later this month.  The program and the instruction it will offer will be top level and will really help all referees who participate improve their game.  It will also give any referee who attends access to information, instruction, and mentors that can help them reach their highest capabilities.  It will also help you and your assignors to really improve the level of referee skills in your area and will be a benefit for the entire referee program in our District.

There is NO cost for the class and any referee in the District may attend the sessions.
Please read the following three (3) documents for details on the 2012-13 Referee Academy:
Referee Academy Cover Letter
Referee Adadamy Details
Referee Academy Flyer
 Referee Resources
RCYSL Coach and Referee Handbook (2010-2011)
Ball First
Laws of the game (2011-2012)
Guide to Procedures
Administrative Handbook
Position Papers
Referee Directives
Advice to Referees

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