The  Diagonal  System  of  Patrol  is  the  only  System  that  is  authorized  to  be  used  in  the  Roseville  Youth  Soccer  Club.    THE  DUAL  SYSTEM WILL   NO  LONGER  BE  USED.

USSF  authorizes  the  following   variations  of  the  Diagonal  System:


  • OneUSSF Referee (Center)withtwoUSSFAR’s
  • OneUSSF Referee (Center)withOneUSSF ARandaClubAR
  • OneUSSF Referee (Center)withTwoClubAR’s (notfromoneofthetwo teams)
  • OneUSSFReferee(Center)withTwoClubAR’s (fromoneorbothofthetwoteams)
  • OneUSSFReferee(Center)only


(Club  AR’s  are  normally  obtained  from  the  Home  Team,  however,  can  be  gotton  from  both  Teams  or  anyone  not  a  USSF  Referee).


(Club  AR’s  will  NOT  call  Offside  or  Fouls.   Will  only  indicate  ball  in  and  out  of  play,  will  NOT  be  preassigned,  and  will  not  be  compensated).


The  USSF  Referee(s)   assigned  to  that  game  shall  first  ask  the  Home  Team  Coach  for  a  Club  AR.    If  one or  both  of  the  Club  AR’s  cannot  be  obtained  from  the  Home  Team,  ask  the  Visiting  Team.

  Offside Rule:
  Every year we receive a number of questions about the offside rule and when it should be called.  For your convenience, RYSC has found this animated link that clearly demonstrates what is a legal offside call.  Please click on the link below to view.  Thank you.



1-District 6-Cal North Concussion Protocol

2-Cal North USYS Concussion Policy Signs

3-Cal North Concussion Notification Form


Welcome to the Roseville Youth Soccer Club Referee Page 

The Roseville Youth Soccer Club referee program is designed to develop and maintain qualified referees.  Ongoing training, evalution and recruiting is part of what makes our referee program successful.  If you are interested in becoming part of our referee program please contact  referee@rosevillesoccer.com.  

To get information on upcoming referee clinics please c
lick on the 
Referee Clinics link to access information on upcoming clinics.

For Referee Downloads please click here!


Field Playability Information
Please note that if it has been raining, or starts to rain, and the following conditions are present then games must be stopped so as to not cause damage to the turf.  These are guidelines that have been established by the City to determine field playability.
1. Standing water within the majority of a single playing position (for instance the middle of the field has standing water and there is no way to play around it without causing damage)
2. Your feet are suctioned to the ground as you walk within the majority of a single playing position
3. Your foot prints are filling with water in the majority of a single playing position
4. The depth of your foot print is greater than 2 inches in the majority of a single playing position
5. Grass can be dislodged from the fields easily by play


            Please  follow  the  following  process  in  RENEWING  YOUR  USSF  REFEREE  LICENSE:

Go  to:   CNRA.gameofficials.net

If  you  cannot  locate  your  username  and/or  password  send  an  email  to   registration@cnra.net   to  request  that  information

Once  in,  follow  the  prompts  and  click  on  'Referee  Courses'

Then  click  on  '2015  USSF  renewal  only'  -  Grade  8 (most will be this Grade)

Then  click  on  'Register  for  this  Course'

Follow  prompts,  then   enter  credit  card  information  (visa  or mastercard).  If  paying  by  check  mail to:

P.O. Box 848

Rocklin, Ca. 95677 

Once  you  have  confirmed  your  payment  information  you  will  receive  an  email  with  your  registration  confirmation (when given the opportunity, print out a copy of your confirmed  renewal).

It  will  take  approx  4  to  8  weeks  to  receive  your  new  badge.



2015 Referee Payscale




All is defined as Center referee and assistant referee.

Please Note:
-Pay is per referee, per game
-Referee assignment to an Age Division is determined by the RYSC Director of Referees

New Policy:  
U-8 Teams:  Each U-8 team will need a volunteer referee.  Please click here to find a schedule of future training provided for these volunteers.  This training is provided free. *

*U-8 Referee Note - these training times and dates are subject to change.  In order to receive future announcements or changes related to the to the U-8 referee program, we must have your email.  Please email specialprograms@rosevillesoccer.com and ask to be placed on the distributution list.