CalNorth & USSF Coach Licensing Clinics


Who needs to attend a clinic? All recreational coaches must complete the CalNorth F Clinic by the start of their second year of coaching (it’s recommended that you take it before your first year, but due to logistical and timing issues, that’s not always possible).  Competitive coaches are required to complete the USSF E Clinic.  If you are a rec coach who has aspirations of becoming a comp coach, it’s a good idea to get the E Clinic done before you apply.

Roseville coaches can attend any CalNorth or USSF coaching courses hosted by Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay FC, Loomis or Lincoln at no cost.  Additional courses are also held in other locations.  The full schedule can be found here:


Note, if you attend a clinic beyond the borders of the Placer Youth Soccer League, you will have to advance the registration fee yourself and seek reimbursement from the club once you receive your license.

What clinics are offered?  This year Roseville is hosting 1 USSF Clinic and 3 CalNorth F Clinics.  In addition, we plan to host additional clinics taught by knowledgeable Roseville coaches.

CalNorth F Clinic:  Course is focused on teaching technical aspects of soccer, training, goal-setting, motivation, teaching methods and communication to recreational coaches. A pre-class video must be watched before the course, and you must attend a 5.5 hour field session.  Prerequisite:  none. 


USSF E Clinic:  Course follows USSF curriculum covering long term athlete development, creation of training sessions, recognition of principals of attacking and defending, small-sided games.  6 hours of classroom sessions plus 12 hours of on-field training (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday).  Pre-class homework is assigned; pass/fail grading on course. Optional for recreational coaches; mandatory for competitive coaches.  This course prepares attendees for completion of the USSF D Course.  Prerequisite: Successful completion of F Clinic     



Roseville’s Laws of the Game for Coaches.  Course is designed for coaches who want to get a better understanding of the Laws of the Game and how they are adapted to youth soccer.  Note, this course is not designed for those interested in serving as a referee.  If you want to become a certified referee, visit our referee pages.  Parents are welcome to attend.  There is no charge for this clinic.


To register, email Tom McManus at

TO REGISTER FOR A CLINIC HELD IN ROSEVILLE:   Send an email to  TBD  Identify yourself as a Roseville coach and supply your name, phone number, and the date of the clinic you would like to attend.

Clinics Held in Other Areas.  The above-referenced clinics are held all over Northern California between May and August.  A complete list of courses can be found here:  (note, this website is updated frequently so check back if you do not find any clinics that work with your schedule.

Roseville coaches can also attend clinics hosted by Rocklin, Lincoln, Loomis or Eureka at no charge.  For clinics hosted by any other club, you will have to advance the course fee. Upon completion of the course, you can seek reimbursement from the club by emailing a copy of a receipt and your license toTBD


LOST YOUR LICENSE?  If you have lost your license, you may download a Duplicate License Request form from the Coaching Downloads page.


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