Player registration takes place in the Spring of each calendar year.  After the registrations are completed then the applicants are separated by gender and age group.  From there they are placed on tentative teams based on the criteria used below.  If late players are accepted they are put on rosters on an as needed basis and the above guidelines may be disregarded.  Final team placement is made by the club registrar when the roster is created.  The seasonal year is September 1st through August 31st.

Each year all players must have completed medical release section properly signed by the child's parent/guardian.  This can be accomplished by filling out a paper registration form (#1601) or by registering online and acknowledging the electronic legal agreement (s). The coach must keep this with him/her at all team functions (practices, games, tournaments etc.).

Team Selection
Specific team placement is never guaranteed. Teams are comprised through the consideration of many factors. They are primarily, but not limited to:
Player's age
Returning to previous year's team
Nearest public school or child's residence
Special Requests submitted at the time of registration

Team Names
No team name can be changed after official rosters have been handed out.  Team names are chosen prior to the beginning of the season.  No duplicate names should be used in the club.  This allows for clarification in all club information which names are used (schedules, pictures, sponsorships, etc.).

Team Rosters
Each coach shall keep with him/her an official team roster listing all active players for that season.

The following roster minimum / maximums will be considered:

U6         6 min / 8 max
U7         6 min / 8 max
U8         6 min / 8 max
   U9         10 min / 14 max
  U10       10 min / 14 max
  U11       11 min / 16 max
      U12       11 min / 16 max            
  U13       11 min / 18 max
  U14       11 min / 18 max
  U15       11 min / 22 max
  U16       11 min / 22 max
  U17       11 min / 22 max
  U18       11 min / 22 max
  U19       11 min / 22 max

No team roster will be changed without prior approval from the club registrar.  Amended rosters will be sent out to the coach (s) once a change has been authorized.  This includes, but is not limited to, any add, transfer or removal of players or coaches.