Softball Rules 
Be sure to print your own copy of the current Softball rules, as our rules may vary from other leagues.

Registration & Roster
Upon registering a team, we need both pages completed to successfully register your team. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
There are always questions, we came up with the most commonly asked qustions -the FAQs.  If your questions aren't answered here, give us a call!

Need to ADD players to your team?
Be sure players not listed on your rosters ADD to your team and pay the $5 add fee.  The Add Forms  must be completed fully.

Have no team?
If you have no team, and are interested in playing, complete the Free Agent List. Names on the free agent list are turned over to interested managers at the next maanger's meeting.

Is my bat legal in this league?
We an ASA sanctioned league.  If your bat has an ASA stamp on it, your bat is not questionable.  There is a list of bats not approved for ASA league play.  The umpires reserve the right to pull any bat from game play for any reason.  ASA bat list

Need batting practice balls?
We sell our old game balls.  $10 for 12 balls.  Call (530) 661-2000 to see if a dozen is available.  Come to the Community Services Dept. to purchase the balls.  We have both men's and women's sizes available.

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