Local League Rules

AGLL's local league rules are intended as a supplement to the Little League Baseball Operating Manual and Official Regulations and Playing Rules. League officials, managers, coaches, and volunteers shall adhere to these local rules in addition to the LL Rules.

Local League Rules (2017)

Parent Code of Conduct

Safety Plan and Accident Claim Forms

The Accident Claim form must be completed by parents (if claimant is under 19 years of age) and a league official, and forwarded to Little League Headquarters within 20 days after the accident. See instructions for help completing this form.

The responsibility for safety is that of every adult member of Allied Gardens Little League. The procedures in this manual are for the safety of every player and adult in this league. Safety will be a priority and never an afterthought. We believe that safe play will always be fun play. Anyone not abiding by these procedures will be removed from his or her position.

AGLL Safety Plan (2017)

Concussion Information Form

Accident Claim Form Instructions

Accident Claim Form

Injury Tracking Form (For League Use Only)